Monday, May 12, 2014

One Proud Mama

Today our 16 y.o. son was inducted into the Foreign Language Honor Society for Chinese.  He has been in Chinese classes since eighth grade; he is currently in the eleventh.  We are so very proud of him.  He was also inducted into the National Honor Society this year.  His 12 y.o. brother is also very proud of him; he posted some of the ceremony on Instagram!  My husband and I are so blessed to have two amazing sons.  He also received a writing award earlier this year for a piece he wrote on a Heat/Cavs game.  Our 12 y.o. has been on the Principal Roll (all A's) twice this year and Honor Roll once this year!  He's getting ready to go to camp with his sixth grade class later this week!  Thanks for visiting and reading about how thrilled I am about our boys.  They are truly amazing! 

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